30 Day Happiness Challenge

Perk yourself up with this 30 Day Happiness Challenge. A new challenge every day to help you beat the blues! 
Everyone needs a pick-me-up every now and then, so be the master of your own destiny and make happiness happen! We're firm believers that happiness starts with you! 
We've thought of some easy, and mostly free ideas to help you pull yourself out of your funk, or just add a little more light to your life!
Day 1- Start a Gratitude Journal
Day 2- Pump Up Your Favorite Tunes and Sing Along
Day 3- Call A Friend
Day 4- Try a New Recipe
Day 5- Watch Your Favorite Movie
Day 6- Do a Good Deed
Day 7- Donate some old clothes
Day 8- Buy Fresh Flowers
Day 9- Go on a walk outside. 
Day 10- Visit the Library
Day 11- Write a Letter of Gratitude to Someone
Day 12- Bake Something
Day 13- Forgive Someone
Day 14- Visit a Shelter and Play with a puppy
Day 15- Try a Yoga Video on YouTube
Day 16- Make a Bucket List with Your Family/ Friends
Day 17- Do Something Touristy
Day 18- Buy a Bath Bomb, Take a Long Hot Bath
Day 19- Organize a Closet
Day 20- Set Goals for the Next Week
Day 21- Call Your Grandparents
Day 22- Dance to your Favorite Song
Day 23- Do a Service
Day 24- Look Through Old Pictures
Day 25- Surprise Someone with a Treat
Day 26- Write Down Everything Good that Happened Today
Day 27- DIY Something
Day 28- Clean out the Junk Drawer
Day 29- Write Someone a Love Note
Day 30- Smile at Everyone You See
Follow this 30 day plan that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face, then let us know how it's going, using the hashtag #IvieLolaHappinessChallenge.  We'd love to follow along! 

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