5 Reasons to Wear a Maxi Dress Every Day this Summer!

Comfort and effortless style are just a couple reasons why you need loads of Maxi dresses in your closet this Summer! 
Hi, I'm Jessica, the owner of Ivie Lola Clothing Boutique and the owner of MANY Maxi dresses.
My love affair with maxi dresses started years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. I discovered that I didn't need to feel hot and stifled by too many layers!
Plus, I always got compliments of my dresses, which feels weird when you literally feel like you're wearing your pajamas! That's why I'm on a mission to prove to moms everywhere that Maxi dresses are the way to go this Summer! 
Here are my top 5 reasons why you need a Summer Maxi Dress for every day of the Summer. 
1- Comfort! As a mom of 4 kids, comfort is key! What's more comfortable than a maxi dress? Nothing, I say! Nothing!! 
2- Effortless Style! Yes, Maxi dresses are effortless. One article of clothing and you're ready for the day! What's easier than that? 
3- Dressy or Casual! It's up to you! Style your maxi up with a statement necklace, or dress it down for everyday wear with a floppy hat and flip flops. 
4-Maxi dresses are forgiving! Did I mention that I have 4 kids! One of those beautiful children came to be my cesarean section, so I have a lovely bulge that I don't love to enhance.
Maxi dresses are perfect for hiding imperfections or ENHANCING baby bumps. Wear the same dress while you're pregnant and after you have your baby and you'll always feel fabulous! 
5- Maxi's are cool! Don't be weighed down by lots of layers this Summer! Maxi dresses are cool and breezy! You'll be so glad you added a few more to your cart! Trust me! 
Shop our newest arrivals here and add a few more Maxi dresses to your closet today! 

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